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Non Technical Courses

Undertake Project Work (BSBPMG430)


A basic introduction to project management work. This is a VET accredited Unit of  Competency within the Business Services Training Package (BSB).

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Human Factors for Maritime Design and Operations


Explore the field of human factors in the maritime/marine systems industry and develop an understanding of how human capabilities and limitations can affect human performance and wellbeing.

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Through Life Asset Management and Integrated Logistics Support – Practitioner


Be introduced to the key aspects and techniques of Asset Management (AM) and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS), using current Australian and international (UK, US, Europe) standards.

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Finance for Non Finance Managers


Explore concepts, techniques and tools used by financial people by developing and  understanding various financial data, what ‘concepts’ mean, budgets, strategic planning, terminology, control systems, cost allocation and cost behaviours.

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Our courses address a range of technical, engineering, sustainment and asset management skill sets demanded by Industry and Defence to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing technology landscape. We have world renowned, experienced trainers who will encourage further innovation and help develop niche skills within your team. Whether your requirement is to gain an understanding of managing finances for business, exploring the emerging electronic warfare landscape or developing complex test design and data analysis models, there is a short course to address your needs. Our flexible training delivery model enables courses to be tailored to your specific training needs, or even delivered at your preferred location.

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