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Technical Courses

Maintenance Steering Group (MSG-3) Foundation

Be introduced to the fundamentals of Maintenance Steering Group and its origins.

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Systems Engineering Practice

Be introduced to the foundational elements of traditional Systems Engineering. Learn about the principles, concepts and methodologies for development, design and management of large or highly complex technical systems.

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Principles of Naval Weapons Systems

Be introduced to the overarching “big picture” environment of basic sensor and  weapons theory.

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Breakthrough Performance using Design for Six Sigma (BPDFSS)

Learn the strategy for delivering better systems and services to customers faster and at a  lower cost, commonly referred to as Identify, Design, Optimise, and Validate (IDOV).

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Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Based Carrier and Timing Synchronisation in Digital Modems

An introduction to Digital Signal Processing (DSP). Learn about modulation techniques, FIR filters, sampling theorems and spectrum analysis techniques.

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Advanced Topics in Digital Signal Processing

Develop an understanding of current practise and next-generation Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques for upcoming communication systems.

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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program

This course will provide participants with the detailed methodology and tools of Lean Six Sigma to lead their organisation toward “World Class” status.

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Our courses address a range of technical, engineering, sustainment and asset management skill sets demanded by Industry and Defence to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing technology landscape. We have world renowned, experienced trainers who will encourage further innovation and help develop niche skills within your team. Whether your requirement is to gain an understanding of managing finances for business, exploring the emerging electronic warfare landscape or developing complex test design and data analysis models, there is a short course to address your needs. Our flexible training delivery model enables courses to be tailored to your specific training needs, or even delivered at your preferred location.

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