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Search and Rescue in Spain

Delivering vital search and rescue missions, maintaining mission specific equipment and servicing bespoke search and rescue aircraft on behalf of SASEMAR (the Spanish Maritime Safety Agency).

Responding to drifting ships, emergency medical situations in maritime locations, distress calls from oil platforms, environmental spillages, border control issues and many more maritime events, Babcock’s support ensures permanent technical readiness of the fleet and an uncompromising focus on safety for SASEMAR’s operations.

Our expertise and experience in maritime search and rescue operations means we’re able to provide SASEMAR with a world-class emergency service, responding to the complicated life-or-death situations that often arise at sea.

Our highly trained pilots, engineers and rescue specialists execute over 800 missions per year using a specialist fleet of AW139, Sikorsky S61 and Airbus EC225 aircraft, specially configured for search and rescue missions.

Our modifications to these aircraft allow us to locate people and vessels in distress more easily and deploy the operations to assist them more effectively.

As well as operating rapid response emergency services, Babcock also provides environmental monitoring and surveillance for SASEMAR. Since 2007, we have operated three CN235 aircraft, which are equipped with high-tech systems for searching, locating and measuring pollutants and chemical spills.

Our long-term partnership with SASEMAR has delivered significant mission critical and environmental benefits. Our expertise and commitment to safe practice has helped save countless lives and we are proud that SASEMAR continue to trust us to deliver.

CN235 aircraft

At a glance
  • Assisting over 800 emergencies every year
  • Supporting a fleet of 4 fixed-wing and 15 rotary-wing bespoke search and rescue aircraft
  • Supporting around 6,900 flying hours a year
  • Supporting 14 operational bases across Spain
  • Working in partnership with SASEMAR for over 25 years

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