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Gain insight into the application of state of the art engineering techniques integral to the architecture, integration and modelling of combat and communications systems. Learn how automation and technology are impacting design and operation of future combat systems. Explore the design and operation of fire control loops and algorithmic considerations such as discrimination, fusion and track correlation. Be introduced to the elements and operational performance of the AEGIS Combat System.

Course Outline

  • Anatomy and Operation of a Combat System
    • Detailed description of combat system elements and how they work together
  • System Engineering Concepts and Constructs, System-level trades and tools
    • The role of modelling and simulation
  • The AEGIS Combat System
    • An in-depth look at the AEGIS Combat system elements and operation including  sensors, tactical C&D, weapon control (WCS), fire control, and ship self-defence  subsystems:
      • Ship-Board Sensors
      • Ship-Board Weaponry
      • The Fire Control Loop
      • Combat Communication Systems
      • Current AEGIS Missions and Directions

Course Details

Duration: 3 – 4 days (duration is tailored to the specific needs of a target group)

Date/Locations: TBA

Who should attend: Designed for engineers, scientists program managers and engineering graduates

Prerequisite: No prerequisities are necessary, although basic knowledge of  engineering and systems engineering concepts is expected

Accreditation: National accreditation is currently not available for this course

Trainer: Professor Robert Fry, Corporate Senior Staff at Systems Engineering Group in Columbia, MD, USA and lecturer at Johns Hopkins University

Terms and Conditions

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