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Use the skills and knowledge developed through the IEW Concepts Course to venture into the more complex environment of new radar types (mono-pulse, pulse doppler) with advanced electronic protection (ultra-low side lobe, side lobe canceller and blanker), new types of communications threats (Low Probability of Intercept) and new EW tools (Direct Digital Synthesis, Digital RF Memory, etc). This course is presented in a similar style to a typical graduate seminar, with high levels of class participation.

Course Outline

  • Electronic Warfare and Information Warfare:
    • Operational interrelationships between the various subfields
  •  Receiver systems design
  •  Advanced radar threat:
    • Phased array radars, SAR and ISAR, ES challenges, EP challenges.
    • Low probability of intercept signals
  • Electromagnetic Support (ES)
  • Modern Electronic Attack (EA) architectures:
    • EA against modern radar systems and LPI signals
    • Expendables and Decoy Systems and Directed Energy Weapons
  • Stealth:
    • Stealth technology and EW vs. stealth

Course Details

Duration: 4 days

Who should attend: Designed for working professionals in EW or related fields, who are engineers or have an equivalent ability to use analytical and  mathematical tools

Prerequisite: Completion of the “Concepts of Electronic Warfare” course is recommended

Accreditation: National accreditation is currently not available for this course

Trainer: Dr David L. Adamy, MSEE / BSEE graduate and frequently published technical author. Global expert in EW and related systems and  internationally renowned teacher of EW and communications theory

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