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Learn the basic principles and applications of Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) through practical examples using numerical simulations to illustrate dynamic behaviour. Examine the basics of GNC and the principles of operations to help contextualise system behaviour.

Course Outline

  • Vehicle Kinematics
  • Vehicle Dynamics / Analysis Simulation of Rigid-Body Motion •
  • Filtering Estimation Algorithms
  • Geodesy
  • Navigation
  • Radio Navigation
  • Inertial Sensors and Navigation
  • GNC Control Methods
  • Guidance Analysis & Design

Course Details

Duration: 5 days

Who should attend: Designed for both newcomers to GNC and those requiring refresher and updates on contemporary GNC techniques

Prerequisite: No prerequisites are mandated, although a mathematical background in Ordinary Differential Equations, simple manipulation of Vectors and Matrices, and Laplace Transforms (on a first year engineering/physics degree level) is recommended

Accreditation: National accreditation is currently not available for this course

Trainer: Co-presented by Dr Brian Stevens, Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech Research Institute and Dr Clayton Kerce, PhD in mathematics and senior scientist in the Tactical Weapons and Sensors program office at Georgia Tech Research Institute

Terms and conditions

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