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We have the capability and experience to deliver a solution that is best for your business and your most critical assets

Babcock is internationally recognised as an independent capability partner for the management and maintenance of complex and critical assets across the defence, aviation and critical services sectors. We believe our independence is the cornerstone of trust and fundamental to our value proposition. We are not a leasing company, consultant nor an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We are a strategic partner who will focus on your specific needs. We have the flexibility to design, integrate and deliver a solution that is customised to your business requirements.

Your challenge, our solution

We work in partnership with our customers to address challenges with complex assets, enabling you to focus on your core business.

Your challenge

The fleet management strategy is unclear

Our solution

Using a detailed asset lifecycle framework, we will evaluate and determine a refurbishment or replacement strategy and work with you to set a clear plan to reduce CAPEX costs.

Your challenge

Need to rationalise assets across multiple locations

Our solution

We evaluate capability requirements and apply a digital engineering and maintenance solution to determine viability and productivity of assets across locations. We then apply a proven management framework.

Your challenge

Require an asset renewal plan and manage Total Cost of Ownership

Our solution

Utilising a tailored transformation programme, we will optimise the use of the capital budget, while reducing the age and composition of the assets. This will in turn reduce the Total Cost of Ownership.

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Michael Burgess - Head of Land Programmes

Michael Burgess

Head of Land Programmes