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Engineering teamed with robust project management skills enables us to deliver a technically considered and measured approach to operational support

For government, public and private contracts, risk mitigation is always a priority. Our team will partner with you to create a safe, reliable and cost-effective service that is ready to deliver. We will provide you with peace of mind by taking care of long-term maintenance planning, strategic asset replacement, supply chain management, ongoing systems improvement and key skills development. We will also acquire and operate specialised mission specific equipment, manage background operations and provide on-going transport, to assist you with delivering critical life-saving work.

Our promise

In partnership with you, we will devise a tailored and performance-based contract to underwrite our commitment to providing safe, reliable and cost-effective services to support your critical operations. We promise to deliver full operational support that is responsive to your changing needs.

Our promise
21 Aircraft supported and operated
11,000 Annual aviation flying hours
9 Sites operated from
Customer insights

The Babcock difference

Our people work in partnership with you to share risks and understand your challenges. They will always strive to deliver, safeguard your reputation and never compromise on health and safety. These values are the backbone of our business.

Safety is our priority

The safety of everyone we work with, whether they are on the ground or in the air, is always our priority. We never compromise on health and safety.

Continuous improvement is in our DNA

Our mindset is to continuously improve and find innovative ways to reduce errors, avoid waste and add value, even when things are running smoothly.

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