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Babcock is passionate about being part of the rich fabric that make-up the communities we operate in

Our workforce is made up of talented Australians and New Zealanders. We also attract skilled individuals from around the world, which enhances our local capability, while adding to our diversity. Together we are committed to advancing the knowledge, capability and growth of businesses, industry and communities throughout Australasia.

Community collaboration

Supporting local communities and causes to improve social, health and economic outcomes

  • Through a proud Corporate Social Responsibility and Sponsorships committee, we support Veteran associations and not-for-profits to improve social and health outcomes for vulnerable groups within our community
  • Supported by Babcock, our employees can volunteer their time and skills to community projects during work hours, such as outreach services and youth groups, to assist people who are disadvantaged physically, financially or emotionally

Knowledge building

Integrating a continuous learning mindset into our professional development

  • Having the Babcock Training Academy as a commercial programme, gives us access to leading edge knowledge that we embed in our courses for individuals, businesses and industry participants
  • Internally we promote a collaborative working environment to share new ideas, experiences and customer solutions, facilitating innovation. This is reinforced through our Reward & Recognition programme and Professional Development Reviews

Industry development

Collaborating with local supply chains, Indigenous businesses and industry groups to grow local capability

  • Working closely with the Indigenous Defence and Industry Consortium (IDIC), we are committed to increasing the share of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned businesses within our supply chain
  • Through industry groups such as AIDN and DTC, we work to identify SMEs that can be part of our supplier network. We understand the importance of growing local knowledge and capability to strengthen industries

Future focus

Sponsoring and mentoring students at secondary and tertiary levels to prepare them for future employment opportunities

  • We proudly provide mentoring and sponsorship to a number of schools and students to actively encourage the study of STEM subjects through to tertiary level
  • Graduate and apprenticeship programmes allow students to have firsthand experience at working with a diverse and technical organisation. Our breadth of services allow potential future employees to experience work opportunities across our Land, Marine and Aviation sectors

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