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Outline of Our Code of Business Conduct

The Parties shall conduct their business to the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Company reputation and good name are each Party’s greatest assets; they are easily lost by actual or suspected corrupt or unethical behaviour. Without them, the Parties will lose business and jobs.

Corrupt behaviour can be criminal behaviour: a company and its employees can be prosecuted, fined or imprisoned. Conviction can ruin individual careers, lead to existing contracts being terminated and disqualification from bidding for others, with a consequent loss of jobs.

Each Party:

  • will respect the dignity and rights of its employees, and place the highest priority on ensuring the safety of each other at work and the safety of others who might be affected by its activities;
  • will seek to minimise so far as it reasonably can the impact of its activities on the environment;
  • will comply with the law in the conduct of its business;
  • will be honest in its dealings with those with whom it does or seeks to do business;
  • will strive to avoid even the appearance of wrongdoing or impropriety in the way it goes about its business;
  • will be diligent in selecting its business advisers and partners so that it minimises the risk of its reputation being damaged by others;
  • will implement and observe appropriate training and procedures designed to ensure that it and others working for it understand what this Code of Business Conduct means for them in practice;
  • will treat seriously breaches of the Code of Business Conduct;
  • will not bribe or attempt to bribe anyone;
  • will not take bribes from anyone.

Each Party’s employees:

  • will avoid (or properly disclose and obtain clearance for) potential conflicts between their interests (or those of their friends and families) and their responsibilities to each other or their customers;
  • will seek advice on how to proceed if they are at all unsure whether something complies with this Code of Business Conduct;
  • will be able to raise (confidentially if they wish), without fear of unfavourable consequences for themselves, any genuine concerns they have that this Code of Business Conduct is not being followed;
  • will not take bribes and will report to appropriate management any attempt made to bribe or improperly influence them or another employee in the carrying out of their duties for Babcock;
  • will not bribe or attempt to bribe anyone and will report to appropriate management if they know of any request or suggestion that their employee, or anybody working for or within their employers group structure, should bribe or attempt to improperly influence someone.

Each Party’s business advisors:

  • must agree to comply, and actually comply, with this Code of Business Conduct, so far as relevant to them, as if they were our employees.

Each Party’s business partners:

  • should either be willing to subscribe to this Code of Business Conduct or have equivalent standards and procedures in their own businesses.

The complete Code of Business Conduct can be downloaded here. Code of Business Conduct

Australian Purchase Order Terms relate to all contracts made between Babcock and its related bodies companies (as defined by the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)), and a supplier of goods or services ordered as specified on the Purchase Order. Any variance from these Australian Purchase Order Terms will be specified in the contract with the supplier.

The Australian Purchase Order Terms can be downloaded here. Australian Purchase Order Terms