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Relied on by industry

We deliver customised and compliant rotary and fixed wing aircraft, skills training, pilots and operational support staff for aerial surveillance, law enforcement, medical emergencies, civil and environmental protection, and offshore transportation across many sectors.

We understand the performance, risk, interoperability and governance frameworks that drive government contracts, and are experienced working with departments and briefing ministers. Babcock work with state, federal and regional governments to deliver a broad range of airborne services across 14 countries.

With dedicated, ambulance configured helicopters, we provide emergency medical, evacuation and search and rescue services to Ambulance Victoria, the Government of South Australia and Queensland Health. This includes fully trained pilots and crew, operational support, custom aircraft modification and ongoing maintenance to comply with each jurisdiction.

We undertake tactical response missions, surveillance, operational and currency training for police and special task teams, aerial observation, and search and rescue. Through a contract with the Government of South Australia, we have been providing airborne policing operations with the South Australian Police since 2005.

We understand the different requirements of user agencies and, most importantly, we appreciate the criticality of having safe, reliable and accessible aircraft and equipment for emergency medical, rescue and tactical missions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Partnerships with the not-for-profit sector:

In partnership arrangements with the not-for-profit sector, we create flexible and successful relationships with these organisations to improve service quality and efficiency, while strengthening community relationships. We understand the different requirements of service agencies and, most importantly, we appreciate the criticality of having safe, reliable and accessible aircraft and equipment for emergency medical, rescue and tactical missions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have a strong focus on process improvement and cost effective operations; critical for not-for-profit customers who are often funded by community fund raising and grants. This also means that community and media liaison is important, so our pilots are trained to assist in this area, as required.

Babcock provides dedicated helicopters, with diverse configuration options, air crew, operational support staff, aircraft maintenance services and air base management for RACQ Central Queensland Rescue Service and RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue Service.

Babcock has been an integral and trusted provider to the Australian Border Force since 1995. We provide 24-hour, all weather airborne services to enable timely and effective deterrence, prevention and response operations to protect Australia’s borders. Aerial surveillance extends to illegal fishing and pollution detection.

For Australian and international Defence forces, we deliver emergency medical and transportation services to support in-field, tactical training, equipment testing and retrieval tasking in our region.

We are experienced with the logistical requirements to support these services, providing the right project teams to support these activities in remote and regional locations across Australasia.

We provide aerial support including equipped aircraft, pilots, crew, engineering and project management required to suit each activity.

In Australasia, we have safely transported workers and cargo to and from offshore rigs since 2013. We comply with all health, safety and environment, and quality assurance regulations and support each mission with two dedicated helicopters; one as lead and the other as back up. As services are often required on an immediate response basis, we operate 24/7, 365 days a year, day and night, to safely transport over 10,000 passengers and 30,000 kilograms of freight annually. We have all weather capability and, when needed, undertake medical evacuation, and search and rescue missions.

Our bases are located in Truscott, Barrow Island, Darwin, Karratha and Dili, with headquarters in Perth and Darwin. Our fleet includes single and multi-engine helicopters, operating a mixed fleet of Sikorsky S-92, Leonardo AW 139 and Airbus H175 aircraft.

Internationally, we have been operating in the oil and gas sector for more than 50 years, with operations in Australia, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Our customer include PTTEP Australasia, Santos, Woodside Energy Ltd, ConocoPhillips Australia, ENI Australia, Chevron, Repsol, Nexen Petroleum UK, Shell, Saipen and Premier Oil.

Babcock provides specifically equipped aircraft for marine pilot transfer services on behalf of Port Authorities. Our qualified and experienced pilots and maintenance staff ensure the safe transportation of marine pilots to vessels offshore.

We have been providing a marine pilot helicopter transfer service at the Newcastle Port since 1999, under a contract with the Port Authority of NSW. We operate 24/7, 365 days, to complete day and night over-water operations.