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Gender pay Gap Report 2023

Today we publish our 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report. We welcome the introduction of annual reporting as we are passionate about building a business that is fair, equal, and inclusive. We are continually striving to align the gender balance in our workforce.

Babcock is actively addressing gender equality through implementing new strategies, programs and policies to improve our gender balance. We recognise women are crucial to Babcock’s aim of “Creating a safe and secure world, together.”

We are committed to closing the gender pay gap through growing our talent pipeline, developing processes to attract and retain women and enabling employees to flourish and shape their own future at Babcock.

Key findings from our report show:

  • Our gender split is in line with the average in the Australian defence industry sector. Women make up 28% of our workforce and the median base salary gender pay gap is 15.4%, compared to the Australian average of 14.5%.
  • Our median total remuneration gender pay gap is 24.6% – this is 5.6% above the Australian average of 19%.

Our report outlines in detail the reasons for this gap, which is primarily due to our workforce composition of women and men taking up different roles in the business.  For example, more women are employed in clerical and admin roles versus men in technical/trade roles.

The data in our report is reflective of our Australian workforce, however the strategies and initiatives we have included relate to our entire Australasian operation.

To read more, download our full Gender Pay Gap Report.

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