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Babcock sponsors Team Koalafied

Exciting developments in STEM and Babcock’s continued sponsorship for Team Koalafied has helped them to design, build, program and race a human-sized robot to compete in the Southern Cross and South Pacific regionals in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

The team, which is from Pembroke School in Adelaide, SA, and made up of students ranging from 12 to 18 years old, competed against international teams from China, America and South Africa to reach the quarterfinals in the South Pacific regional.

With the theme of this year’s competition designated Destination: Deep Space, Team Koalafied won the Creativity Award for their innovative design of their tri-motion arm and the ‘Zucc’, a pneumatic grabbing device that was especially effective at working with the hatches, one of the game pieces.

Team Koalafied is keen to take this year’s valuable experience to future competitions and Babcock is proud to encourage their enthusiasm for STEM and to compete at a national – and potentially international – level.

Photo: Team Koalafied showed off their award-winning robot to our Osborne team

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