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Grow your career at Babcock: Chad Stone

Meet Chad Stone, the Engineering Team Lead for Sustainment at Babcock Australasia.

Chad commenced his career with the company as a Graduate Engineer in 2011, working within the Collins Class submarines’ Through Life Support team.

During his time at Babcock, Chad has taken his career around the globe. Shortly after commencing as a Graduate Engineer, Chad jumped at the opportunity that the company provides for staff to develop their skills and knowledge on an international level.

“I then had the opportunity to work in Bristol in the UK, where I provided electrical and systems engineering support to the Babcock UK engineering department,” he says.

“After a year in Bristol, I returned to Adelaide where I have spent the past six and a half years working on a variety of projects in both an engineering and project management capacity. Since then, I have transitioned into my current position as the Engineering Team Lead for Collins Class Sustainment activities.”

Not a dull day goes by for an Engineering Team Lead, with the diverse nature of Chad’s role keeping him on his toes and continuously learning.

“My work changes on a day to day basis, from producing documentation, to surveying and testing our equipment in the workshop, to undertaking set-to-work, and fault finding activities on the Weapons Discharge System on-board the submarine,” he explains.

“Babcock have given me the opportunity to work on and deliver complex projects which have been heavily reliant on stakeholder engagement. This has allowed my interpersonal skills to develop greatly which has had a positive impact on both my personal and professional life.”

Staff at Babcock thrive on complexity, and Chad is no exception, with his multifaceted and complex work environment providing him with high-level job satisfaction and the opportunity to hone his expertise.

“Being an engineer I thrive on problem solving, so the complexity of the submarine systems that I am surrounded with and the work that I undertake everyday means I am continually learning new things and developing as an engineer,” he says.

Reflecting on his years working at Babcock, Chad is proud to have experienced significant growth with the company, on both professional and personal levels.

“As a graduate fresh from a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Mechatronic) at UniSA, I remember the exciting and vibrant atmosphere of the Osborne facility when starting my career at Babcock. At that time Babcock Australasia was a relatively small business that only supported the marine industry,” he recalls.

“I have been lucky enough to work in numerous locations across the globe and have made many friends doing so – that is an opportunity that Babcock provides that a lot of other companies can’t.”

Whether you’re a budding engineer, project manager, or tradesperson, Chad encourages those from all backgrounds to pursue a career within the industry, no matter their expertise.

“For anyone starting their dream job, I would simply say to always push yourself and take on challenges,” he encourages.

“It is an exciting career that provides so much potential for both personal and professional development.”

To envision your future at Babcock Australasia and find out more, head to our Careers page.

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