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Babcock signs partnership with IDIC

Babcock is pleased to announce the signing of a formal strategic relationship with the Indigenous Defence and Infrastructure Consortium (IDIC). The partnership was signed by David Ruff, Babcock Chief Executive Officer for Australasia, and Adam Goodes, CEO and Director of IDIC, on 22 November 2017.

The primary objective of this Strategic Relationship is to achieve the sustainable inclusion of Indigenous owned businesses as meaningful participants in the supply chain of Babcock Australia.

David Ruff, Chief Executive Office of Babcock Australia has said “Babcock endorses the vision of this nation, which values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage, cultures and peoples, and recognises their unique position as the original custodians of Australia.  We take responsibility for ensuring our business reflects the values of inclusion and diversity throughout our workforce. We are proud of the different programs and initiatives, both underway and planned, to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples around Australia.”

A key and critical part of Babcock’s mission is ensuring that we value and support inclusion and diversity throughout our workforce and that we do so sustainably. Further, Babcock endeavours to:

  • be an employer of choice where we generate superior value and sustainable solutions for our customers, communities and shareholders.
  • leverage our expertise, assets and infrastructure to deliver on our commitments.
  • engage with communities and businesses about partnership opportunities, and form meaningful relationships.  In so doing, we aim to build trust and rapport; and thus create training, employment and economic opportunities.

Babcock is proud to support initiatives that build positive relationships with traditional owners and their communities. Through formalising our commitment with the IDIC, we will continue to develop and maintain sustainable partnerships and relationships with traditional owners and will work in partnerships with all stakeholders necessary to bring about progressive change.

About the IDIC:

The IDIC was established as a result of Indigenous owned and controlled businesses seeking to participate in the delivery of long term Nation building projects. Projects which build sovereign capability and infrastructure will offer longer term contracts and relationships with clients and the Indigenous business sector wants to meaningfully participate.

Energised and enthused by the National Innovation and Science Agenda Indigenous entrepreneurs have rallied together to become a key cog in the supply chain of prime contractors in the Defence Industry.

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