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International Women’s Day | Alicia Cassat

As part of International Women’s Day 2023, Alicia Cassat spoke about her role in integrating Naval Ship Management into Babcock following the acquisition, the invaluable career advice she has received, and what #EmbraceEquity means for her.

Alicia Cassat is Babcock Australasia’s Senior HR Manager, Business Transformation, based in Henderson, Western Australia.

Tell us about your role as Senior HR Manager, Business Transformation?

Over the past 12 months, my role has primarily focused on the integration of Naval Ship Management (NSM) into Babcock, following Babcock’s acquisition of the remaining 50% shareholding of NSM.  I was responsible for the delivery of the Human Resources (HR) workstream, and a member of the Integration Team. My role is now focused on supporting business transformation activities.

I am also the Chairperson of Babcock’s Inclusion and Diversity Committee, and responsible for developing and implementing Babcock’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Did you receive any support as a young girl or woman that was invaluable to your career or your career choice?

20 years ago, I had a leader who was invaluable during the early stages of my HR career. I was put in the deep end, provided with challenging tasks, and taught how to navigate them. I was able to talk through my solutions to approaching the task, and guided through the decision-making process, but was never provided with the solution.

When I have reflected on this approach later in my career with this leader, he said “Alicia sometimes you came up with ways to solve the problem that may have not been my approach, however, it still resulted in the same outcome.” Sometimes the journey to get to the outcome may look different and this taught me a lot about empowerment. In addition, this has also taught me when presenting problems to the business, to also present ways that these can be overcome. I was also encouraged to explore further education and as a result I hold a Masters in Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management.

Looking back on your career, is there any advice you would give your younger self?

Be careful of subconsciously taking the “pregnant pause” on your career. I let my career stagnate while raising my kids and was in an under-challenging position which I accepted as I was working part-time hours. I wish that I had read Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg prior to having children. This book challenged my thoughts and explored how women can take control of their own careers. I encourage women to be careful of putting a self-imposed glass ceiling on their career due to thinking that is what they must do to be a present mother. You can have both; a successful career and raise a family.

What makes you proud to work at Babcock?

Firstly, I am proud to work in the Defence industry and the work that Babcock does to ‘create a safe and secure world, together’. I am aligned with the HR policies and practices which Babcock has.

Secondly, I am proud how Babcock has progressed over the past two years, including introducing Agile Working, moving from Maternity Leave to Primary Carer’s Leave, and increasing the amount of leave available to all. This includes the introduction of Wellbeing days, ‘Be Kind’ Day (a day for volunteering) and Family & Domestic Violence leave before it was government mandated.

What does #EmbraceEquity mean to you?

As a parent in a neurotypical and neurodivergent household, and raising three daughters, equity is at the forefront of navigating daily life. Equity does not mean the same. Equity is about recognising the differences, making modifications, and providing opportunities in a way so that all can participate.
#EmbraceEquity #EmbraceDiversity #EmbraceNeurodiversity

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