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Proud to serve: Nathan Herbert

After 27 years in the Australian Army and 11 deployments, Babcock Intelligence Analyst, Nathan Herbert, is most proud of his service to ensure a free country for his son’s generation.

I joined the Australian Army in 1993 as an infantryman for 13 years before I went into Military Intelligence. During my service, I was deployed 11 times, including numerous deployments across the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

I am the fourth generation of my family see active service. My great grandfathers fought in WWI, my grandfathers in WWII, and my father in Vietnam. As a defence family, we have a lot of pride in doing our bit for our nation.

In my 27 years’ service, I’ve been fortunate to return home every time. This couldn’t be said for a number of my mates who were lost in conflict.

With all my deployments, I spent much of my time overseas when my boy was little. He is the reason I continue to serve as a reservist, so that he never has to.

My role with Babcock is another way I’ve been able to give back to Australia. By providing intelligence analysis to a Special Operations Unit in the ADF, I can provide those on the front lines with information to form plans that will keep them safe.

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