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Proud to Serve – Cameron McDonald

Originally from the United Kingdom, Cameron McDonald sees Anzac Day as a time of reflection alongside his colleagues from New Zealand and Australia. Now based in New Zealand, serving with allied nations has heightened his awareness of why Anzac Day is so important to so many.

I served in the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force for 24 years before emigrating to New Zealand. I was involved in Combat Service Support roles and during that time I completed operational service in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Afghanistan. It was during my tours in Afghanistan that I worked in the same Area of Operations as Kiwis and Diggers from many different parts of the service.

My Commonwealth brothers and sisters spoke of Anzac Day with reverence and it was clear the occasion was important to their military identity.

In previous years I have attended the Dawn Parade at Auckland Museum. I reflect on both Anzac Day and Armistice Day but I try to remember those who have served and are no longer with us on a daily basis – “I’ll see you at the final RV.”

At Babcock I am the Reverse Supply Chain Project Manager at Devonport Dockyard. Any Royal New Zealand rotable inventory item, which requires removal from a platform for repair, will come through my functional area before being returned to RNZN. My job means I can still serve the nation by remaining part of the defence imperative and help the current generation achieve their mission.



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