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Proud to Serve – Damien Tamblyn

This year will be the first time in many that veteran Damien Tamblyn will be able to share Anzac Day with his family. The 44-year-old Navy veteran now works for Babcock Australasia, a defence and aerospace company with regional headquarters in Adelaide.

I served with the Royal Australian Navy for about seven years including a mission in the Persian Gulf with HMAS Stuart.

We were tasked with protecting two oil terminals and I’m proud of what was accomplished; we had a big impact working with the Americans.

I have spent nearly a third of my life away from Adelaide but I returned in August last year. It means a lot to my family now I am back home and they have always been proud of my time with the Navy.

I guess a lot of younger kids don’t always understand the significance of Anzac Day but I am sure it will mean more for my five-year-old nephew and 10-year-old niece in the future. I am hoping they are inspired to find out more and that one day they can wear my medals when I’m older.

It’s a time to feel proud to be Australian and a chance to pay respect to all the past and present servicemen and women who have served our country. It is like an Australian ‘Remembrance Day’.

Working at Babcock means I can serve the nation through Qantas asset maintenance, my role ensures people are kept safe.


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