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Proud to Serve – Elizabeth Newton

Elizabeth Newton has extensive military experience, having served in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) for eight years. Elizabeth is proud to continue her contribution to Defence as Contract Administrator for the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) Ground Support Equipment (GSE) at Babcock Australasia.

My connection to the ADF began in 2006. As a fresh year 12 graduate from country Victoria, I was uncertain about what the future held for me or what career I wanted to pursue. That was until one day, when my dad handed me the local newspaper, and a recruitment advertisement for the RAN caught my eye. It was this opportunity that inspired a rewarding and challenging eight-year career with the RAN.

I served in the RAN as a Communications Information Sailor (CIS). As a CIS, I was responsible for all communications from ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship, whether this be by secure means or through setting up unclassified internet for the ships’ crew.

During my service, I had opportunities for career progression, personal and professional development, and travel. My most memorable times are from when I was part of the decommissioning crew of HMAS Manoora, as well as the commissioning crew of HMAS Choules where I travelled to the United Kingdom for six months to support the Australian communications set up.

I am proud to apply the skills gained during my military career to continue supporting ADF capabilities at Babcock. Within my role, I support the day-to-day contract requirements for the ADF’s GSE, which enables me to continue to develop my professional skills as well as draw upon my understanding of the end-user and experience with similar Defence contracts.

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