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Proud to Serve – Harold Herewini

Harold Herewini’s very existence may have been decided by a prayer book at Gallipoli. He has lived in Australia since the 1970s, the former New Zealander has a long list of family members to remember on Anzac Day.

My grandfather Hone Tahitahi has an amazing Anzac story; surviving a shot to the chest while storming the beaches of Gallipoli. A prayer book in his breast pocket took the force of the shot and thankfully he regained consciousness. The point of the bullet can still be seen within the book.

He was one of a number of family members who were proud to serve. My grand uncle Peter Tahitahi was another ANZAC survivor but two of mum’s brothers were killed in action at the Battle of El Alamein in 1942 and they are buried in the war graves in Egypt.

My other grandfather, William (Bill), was posted and fought in places like Ypres, Passchendaele on the Western Front in Europe and I had uncles who later served in the army and navy.

Normally I attend the Dawn Service at Darwin to remember the sacrifices my family and other personnel made during wartime.

My job at Babcock Offshore is Ramp Operations. Although based in Darwin, I tour all of our bases, Dili, Truscott, Barrow Island and now Karratha. I also assist in operation and stores when needed. I am proud to work alongside pilots and engineers who have military backgrounds.

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