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Proud to Serve – Heidi Fourie

Heidi Fourie, National Training Manager at Babcock Australasia, is proud to apply skills and experience gained through a 20-year military career to keep communities safe and the nation secure.

“My grandfather was a Mosquito pilot in World War Two and I must have inherited his love for the military and flying and being able to serve my country with the highest honour.

During my career in the South African Air Force, I specialised in joint operations and intelligence, including electronic warfare, helicopter airborne surveillance and humanitarian relief operations.

As advances in technology introduced new military options, I became the Air Force’s leading authority on unmanned systems operations and became a specialist systems instructor for intelligence officers and reconnaissance pilots.

I pursued a career that was considered to be somewhat controversial for women at the time, and some roles just weren’t available, but I was determined to be a part of it and do my bit for my country.

That determination is a cornerstone of my service background, which is the foundation on which I have built my career in the Defence industry. Culturally and functionally, it is a good ‘fit’ and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

For me, Anzac Day is important because it’s focused on remembrance. It allows me to pay my deepest respects and tribute to those brave men and women who paid the ultimate price for their service (those I knew and those I didn’t), and others who still serve today.

Working at Babcock means I can share my particular knowledge of Defence needs to provide a service that aligns with their culture and expectations. I’m proud to serve because it provides me with the opportunity to share my time, skills and expertise to the benefit of our community and our customers.”


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