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Proud to Serve | Jay Sri Kantha

First generation migrant, Jay Sri Kantha is motivated by a strong sense of community and service for the nation where his family sought a new start. Following 18 years with the Royal Australian Navy and his ongoing service as a navy reservist, Jay remains proud of his ongoing contribution to Australia’s security through his role as Engineering Services Manager for Babcock’s RMP West program.

I enlisted in the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) as an Electronics Technician, a position where I was able to study electrical and computer engineering. At 28 years old, I was one of a handful of mature recruits. I was quickly taken into the fold—working alongside people who shared my sense of duty to protect and serve their country, while protecting those who couldn’t protect themselves.

During my time with the RAN I deployed on multiple tours, including Operation Catalyst in Iraq. My primary role was maintaining radar, sonar and communication equipment on the Anzac Class Frigates—a job I took great pride in.

I was also a part of the Standing Sea Fire & Emergency Party where we were first responders to fire and other toxic hazards during missions, and continuously upskilled in fire and hazard management to maintain safe operations.

Being a part of a number of key operations has given me a deep sense of purpose which has always directed my career.

I left full time service in the navy to complete my studies as a civilian while also being closer to home with my growing family. Despite transitioning out of active service, my sense of duty remained. I continue to be a navy reservist, currently working within the Career Promotion Team at Defence Force Recruiting Perth to support individuals who are looking to serve.

I joined Babcock in 2019 because, like the RAN, this great organisation shares my principles and values.

Managing the technical and engineering team within Babcock’s Regional Maintenance Provider (RMP) West program is something that I am incredibly proud of.

As an Engineering Services Manager I oversee the maintenance and preparedness of Anzac Class Frigates and Arafura Class Vessels. Working at Babcock provides me the same sense of purpose; a place where I can work with a team in service of my nation to achieve outcomes that benefit all Australians.

One of my career highlights was being a part of the bid-winning team for RMP West and maintaining our capabilities in the west.

Every day I am proud to wake up knowing I am helping to keep RAN warships at sea and contributing to making the world a little safer.

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