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Proud to Serve – Kevin Berry

Kevin Berry’s experience as a Pilot at Babcock Australasia draws on a highly-respected 24-year career with the Royal Air Force (RAF). During his military career, Kevin served in several deployments and earned the Air Force Cross for his heroic service.

My military career began in 1983, when I began serving in the RAF as an Aircraft Avionics Technician. Over the subsequent two decades, my experience extended to flying roles with the Search and Rescue Force and support helicopter operations for the British Army and police in Northern Ireland and the Middle East.

Reflecting on my service, the most memorable experience was a Search and Rescue mission that took place in the North Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of the United Kingdom in 2003. This mission required a difficult rescue to be performed at night, in severe weather conditions, and in the remnants of a hurricane, with wind speeds of up to 60 knots and 50-foot seas. I am proud to have contributed a life-saving service during this mission, from which I was awarded the Air Force Cross.

My family has an enduring connection to military service, with my wife having served in the Australian Army for 30 years. Anzac Day is an opportunity for us to attend a dawn service and remember the service and sacrifices of those who have gone before us.

Working in Aviation & Critical Services at Babcock Australasia allows me to apply the skills and experience gained throughout my military career to help keep communities safe. I am honoured and proud to contribute to Babcock’s Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) capability and ensure help is provided, particularly to those in need.

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