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Proud to Serve – Phillip Conroy

Senior Asset Engineer, Phillip Conroy, sees Remembrance Day as a time of reflection of his own service and the sacrifices made by our fallen heroes. Having served in two navies and currently a Reservist in the Royal New Zealand Navy, Phillip is proud to continue his service to the nation.

My connection to Remembrance Day is through my own service with the Royal Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy. During this time, I was involved in various operations. Some of these deployments witnessed conflict, where I lost friends and colleagues. My time in the service has also required me to support Her Majesty’s New Zealand Ship (HMNZS) Canterbury, during the cyclone response in Fiji and Vanuatu. I am proud to have supported the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) on humanitarian aid missions during times of natural disaster.

For me, on Remembrance Day it’s important to remember those that have fallen before us. My Grandpa served as a Navigator in a Mosquito aircraft during WWII. I remember the stories he told, and I believe it is important not to let these memories fade in the passing of time.

Working at Babcock means I can continue to serve the nation by carrying out my current role as a Senior Asset Engineer. Within my role, I provide recommendations to see the New Zealand Navy assets through to end of life and to ensure they are ready to help those in need when required. Babcock also provides options for me to remain a NZDF Reservist, which allows me to continue to support the Royal New Zealand Navy.

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