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Proud to Serve – Sean Goggin

Head of Defence Aviation Programs, Sean Goggin, is leading Babcock Australasia’s Defence aviation capability. Sean’s experience draws on a 24-year career with the United States Army, where he served in several deployments and earned awards such as the Bronze Star Medal and the Legion of Merit for his exceptional service. This Anzac Day, Sean reflects on past sacrifices and speaks about his ongoing commitment to Defence outside of life in the Army.

My military career began in 1984, sparking a 24 year stint with the United States Army. Throughout this time, I served in several operational and leadership roles in Aviation and Special Operations. With a career comprising more than 7,000 flying hours, with more than 800 combat flying hours, and 98 sustained airborne jumps, my roles included Army Special Operations Pilot, Senior Instructor Pilot, and Engineering Officer for helicopters and tactical multi-engine fixed wing for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) work and special missions.

During my time with the U.S. Army, I deployed to several countries including Afghanistan, the Republic of South Korea, and various countries within South West Asia. Reflecting on these deployments, the most impactful was to Afghanistan, where I served as an Operations Officer (J-33) for the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force for Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) XIV.

Anzac Day represents the enduring sacrifice that is made by all past and present service personnel to ensure that our freedom and values are protected. As a veteran, I commemorate Anzac Day by participating in a local event with Babcock and my community.

Within my role at Babcock, I am responsible for the delivery and program execution of Defence aviation programs. This role allows me to continue my commitment to Defence by sharing my experiences and supporting Defence capability. I am honoured to work in a highly skilled, high performing, and professional organisation. Giving back to Defence within a civilian capacity is extremely gratifying.

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