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Working at Babcock: Caleb Spray

Meet Caleb Spray, Commercial Graduate at Babcock Australasia.

As a Commercial Graduate, Caleb works on a range of tasks that assist Babcock’s Aviation and Critical Services team. From contract management, to client reporting and communications, to business development and bid research, Caleb is constantly learning and kept on his toes.

“No two days are identical and I love the diversity among the projects I’ve been involved with. I’ve been very fortunate to work in a team with people who are always willing to share their knowledge, and who I now consider to be good friends, as well as colleagues,” Caleb says.

“At Babcock I have also been provided with opportunities for professional development through completing industry-specific courses for capture management and proposal writing.”

Caleb studied a Bachelor of Business (Advanced Leadership and Marketing) at Flinders University in South Australia, and upon graduating was passionate about pursuing a career within aviation.

“Coming out of university I endeavoured to find a role within an industry that was of interest to me. When I heard about the Commercial Graduate role offered by Babcock, I became excited about the prospect of working with an organisation that provides aviation services,” Caleb says.

“Aviation has long been an area of great curiosity to me, so the decision to apply for the role was easy. Coupled with the fact Babcock facilitates a service which is of critical importance to communities across Australia, I’ve found a role that I am passionate about and take great pride in.”

Babcock’s work within Aviation and Critical Services involves emergency medical services (EMS), search and rescue (SAR) operations, and airborne surveillance. Assisting with aviation activities, Caleb finds this work motivating and rewarding.

“Babcock’s work contributes to a service that provides critical assistance, lifesaving operations, and emergency services to communities across the nation,” Caleb says.

“Babcock’s work within Aviation and Critical Services, the global footprint of the company, and its contribution to the aviation, marine and land sectors means that career diversification and development opportunities are in abundance.”

“There is no other company quite like Babcock in Australia and New Zealand, that operates across all of the same specialised industries as we do.”

Looking ahead, Caleb is excited for his career at Babcock growing into a role where he can pass on his commercial knowledge to others.

“Coming into an organisation that operates in a complex space, there were always going to be certain gaps in my industry specific knowledge. However, those with greater experience are always willing to aid my professional development through teaching me. I hope that one day I can pass on the knowledge to others,” Caleb says.

“Chasing your dream job is a daunting task. My advice to anyone is to focus on your skill set, study hard and find something you are passionate about.”

“I would recommend a career with Babcock to anyone; it’s an exciting, innovative and agile organisation doing great things across Australia and New Zealand.”

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