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Working at Babcock | Matt Rourke

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a Mechanical Graduate Engineer working on the Australian Hunter Class Frigate program, specifically the Air Weapons Handling System. I am involved with all mechanical aspects of the system, from arrangements and modelling to mechanical calculations, and the overall design of several sub-systems within the Air Weapons Handling System.

What do you like most about working at Babcock?

The number one reason I enjoy working at Babcock is the people. I’m proud to work with great Engineers, Project Managers, and people. I have worked across multiple teams, all with people who are extremely friendly and approachable, as well as inspiring leaders and team players. I also get to work with some innovative technology and have had fantastic opportunities to meet significant people in the Australian Defence industry and government.

How is your role supporting Babcock’s purpose ‘creating a safe and secure world, together’?

My role supports Babcock’s Purpose by contributing to providing a new frigate capability to the Royal Australian Navy. My work contributes to maximising flexibility and capability in the on-board airborne system to ensure the warship can be deployed all over the world. This supports our Purpose in multiple ways – it not only protects the sailors and aircrew aboard the vessel, but also allows for the protection of global maritime trade. This contributes to a safer, more secure world for us to live in.

What did you enjoy most about the grad program?

The aspect of the graduate program I enjoyed the most was the opportunity to work within different projects and different teams. This allowed me to meet a range of teams within Babcock, integrate within the teams to see how they operated, and produce real benefit and output for the team. Taking this experience on board has been invaluable for me as I move out of the graduate program with a greater range of engineering and team experience, which also comes with a great sense of pride in my early accomplishments. Also getting to work with a wide range of people has been a highlight – I’ve created great working relationships, as well as good friends.

What motivated/inspired you to become an engineer?

I was inspired to become an engineer by a mixture of my Grandad and Top Gun. My Grandad served in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as a Navigator and spent his whole career in the RAAF. He got me interested in aircraft and Defence technology when I was young, which was further reinforced by watching Top Gun at an early age. From there, I was interested in aerospace engineering, studied it, and then landed a job in the Defence industry, where the technology is highly advanced and wide in scope.

What top tip/inspirational advice would you give the younger you or someone starting out in engineering?

Try things. There are plenty of opportunities that may be difficult to pursue but will provide a huge benefit to your experience and career. I moved from Perth to Adelaide when I was 17, away from family and I would do it again. Even if the opportunity is small, dive on it, because it might lead to bigger things you may not know about. Only by trying will you see if you enjoy something.

What are the top three reasons you would recommend Babcock as an employer to someone?

1.     Everyone that I have met that works at Babcock is truly awesome. They are easy to get along with and extremely nice people who put a serious focus on delivering for the customer and providing a great output and result as a team.

2.     Opportunities are everywhere. I have had a number of opportunities I wouldn’t have had the chance to do or even be offered at some other companies. At Babcock, however, even as a Graduate Engineer, I have been trusted to speak in front of ministers, premiers, and ambassadors.

3.     Babcock has a wide range of projects. There are a number of projects and teams to work in – everything from support equipment for aircraft, to submarines, to nuclear systems and significantly more.

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