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Working at Babcock | Parth Pandey

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a Principal Product Quality Engineer with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. My job is to ensure that all programs within the Australasia region are equipped with appropriate systems and processes to deliver goods and/or services of high-quality standard which:

  • Satisfy customer needs and requirements
  • Conform with specifications and are fit for purpose
  • Comply with all necessary standards and regulations.

What do you like most about working at Babcock?

Babcock’s trajectory, growth and ambitions within the Australasia region have fostered a courageous environment within the organisation, challenged existing processes, and encouraged input and implementation of new ideas. This has been intellectually rewarding for me as it has allowed me to freely collaborate with various programs across the business to assess how we can further improve the quality of the products we deliver.

How is your role supporting our purpose ‘helping you create a safer, more secure world for us to live in’?

Babcock is involved in the design, manufacture, and integration of systems for vast range of products. Babcock also provides frontline support, equipment support, and training services to variety of Defence and civil customers. The product quality team plays a key role in ensuring that all key functions for each program understand their accountabilities and responsibilities. This removes ambiguity, increases transparency, and reduces quality risks for our deliverables, thus creating a safe and secure environment for us all.

What motivated/inspired you to become an engineer?

I was always fascinated by space and technology as a kid. This motivated me to study Aerospace Engineering at university.

What top tip/inspirational advice would you give the younger you or someone starting out in engineering?

From my perspective, patience is the key when initially absorbing knowledge within the engineering industry. Starters should join the industry with enthusiasm to learn, and patiently absorb the knowledge. If provided the opportunity, challenge yourself by gaining experience across multiple engineering lifecycles of a product, for example R&D, Acquisition, Production, and Sustainment.

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