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Integrating engineering skills, training and through-life support for complex programmes to provide solutions and enhance capabilities for defence

Having more than 100 years of experience in delivering defence flying operations around the world, we know what it takes to manage key strategic assets. Our services include operational delivery, training, aircraft availability, engineering support and servicing, as well as the management of critical infrastructure and associated assets. Through a partnering mind-set, we work with defence to meet their objectives of increased capability, reliability and availability of their most critical assets, and in doing so enable significant cost savings and peace of mind.

Your challenge, our solution

We provide agile and responsive end-to-end solutions to provide increased capability for complex defence operations

Your challenge

Operational delivery of mission-capable aircraft

Our solution

The extent of our engineering and fleet management expertise allow us to assess each airframe according to customer requirements and determine which will deliver optimum efficiency and availability for the operations.

Your challenge

Effective aircraft support

Our solution

We know that an asset that isn’t available isn’t an asset at all. Our team draws on the technical expertise and defence experience in the wider organisation to address the whole picture, from aircraft to rivet gun.

Your challenge

Reliable fleet maintenance

Our solution

Our expertise in through-life support programmes allows us to maximise customer investments. We work with OEMs to maintain airworthiness and optimise in-service life across a range of aircraft types.

Your challenge

Critical infrastructure and asset management

Our solution

Defence aviation infrastructure is a key enabler to the delivery of operations. Our attention to detail ensures defence estates and assets operate with well-engineered precision to allow maximised mission capability.

Your challenge

Complex training solutions

Our solution

We deliver world class technical instruction to world class trainees. Our ability to integrate into the defence training system and fulfil the requirements ensures your staff are ready to complete the mission.

Our technical defence expertise. Your operational edge.

Whether it’s aircraft maintenance, fleet management, infrastructure support or training, our agile and responsive solutions support defence to enhance capability.

Our technical defence expertise. Your operational edge.
1,000 Employees across Australia & NZ
7,500 Managed Defence Assets
100 Years of military aviation know-how
Trusted to deliver

Delivering solutions for the Australian Defence Force

Babcock completed a Ground Support Equipment (GSE) utilisation study for The Royal Australian Air Force. The team tested the feasibility of integrating a Health and Usage Monitoring System for GSE across approximately 100 fleets and 23 bases located around Australia and Malaysia.

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Sean Goggin - Head of Defence Aviation Programs

Sean Goggin

Head of Defence Aviation Programs