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This is a follow-on from the DSP course. Examine the advanced and complex aspects of filter structures and filter applications.

Course Outline

A new architecture, cascade analysis and synthesis filter banks offers green, minimum energy implementation of filter functions. Develop an understanding of how these structures can be modified and applied to various processing tasks. The course addresses both filter structures and filter applications. A brief sample of some of the topics explored during this course are:

  • Practical Design of Finite Impulse Response Filters
  • Spectral and time domain characteristics
  • Transition bandwidth, side-lobe levels and spectral envelope
  • IRemez Algorithm revisited
  • Square-Root Nyquist filter
  • Multirate FIR Filters
  • Rational ratio and arbitrary ratio interpolators (up and down-resampling)
  • Polyphase Partitions
  • Cascade Integrator-Comb Filters
  • Hogenauer filter structures

Course Details

Duration: 2 days

Price: $1,540 (ex GST)
Funding for training may be available to eligible organisations through the Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry (SADI) Grants Program. To determine if you are eligible and for more information, details are available here

Who should attend: Specifically designed for  engineers, programmers, implementers and managers

Prerequisite: DSP first course – Modulation Techniques, FIR Filters, Sampling  Theorem and Spectrum Analysis Techniques

Accreditation: National accreditation is currently not available for this course

Trainer: Professor Fred Harris, IEEE Fellow and published technical author from San Diego State University

Please note: this course will run subject to sufficient numbers

Terms and Conditions

How to register for this course

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